Crab Cart wings

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Crab Cart Wings deadly Bait For Cod in store sale only Thanks to their massive leakage of fish attracting oils. Crab Kart are a fantastic bait when you are looking for that extra edge. You can use Crab Kart on its own by whipping some onto A Pennel Rig or by wrapping it in squid. This is done by cutting off the squid head and tail end and scrape the inners out. Then stuff the squid with the cart bait.. Has started to prove being a deadly bait for cod and bass from boat and the beach. The cart itself is soft and gooey, so cannot be used on its on but as an attractor it definitely works! Crab cart is the inside of edible crabs the claws and all the white meat is kept for human consumption and the inside of the edible is scraped out put into a bowl and then froze into lumps or sausages a great cod bait ideal to be stuffed inside squid etc.

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