Penn 525 MAG2
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Penn 525 MAG2

Model MAG 2
Manufacturer Penn
Price:   £124.99
PENN 525 MAG2 The new Penn 525 MAG2 takes MAG reels to new levels with greater distance,control and Power. On first sight, the 525 looks very much like the old525 mag reel, but as soon as you get the under the hood, you find that this reel has been given a serious makeover. Pull it apart and the internal mechanism and parts barely resemble the old version. This new and improved reel is sure to take shore casting to the next level. PENN 525 MAG2 IMPROVEMENTS So much work has went into the 525 MAG2. For a start, it has a new index magnetic braking system which is precise and gives full control from zero to maximum braking. This gives longer, smoother casts. The Penn 525 MAG2 also has a narrower spool and cage, and it also weighs 414gm. The benefit means that it creates a HUGE NEW LINE CAPACITY OF 256m of 0.38 nylon, so it becomes a contender as a great distance casting reel with 15lbs mono. Couple that with the 6:1 retrieve and the famous Penn Versa Drag, and it will tackle those rough ground stretches with ease. Be it Dabs or Tope, the 525 MAG2 will handle the lot TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS OF THE PENN 525 MAG2 A forged and machined aluminium spool sits on a 'live' spindle which allows it to 'free float' for reduced drag and increased performance. The spool is controlled by the all new patented adjustable magnetic brake which is adjusted by a dial on the left hand sideplate.