Adrenaline Baits Mix and Go

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Description: all-in-one bait pack for commercial fisheries.

Ingredients: choice of Red Krill, Scopex Corn (yellow), and Betaine Green flavours. Packs consist of a tub of 2 mm fishmeal pellet-based flavoured feed, a 50 ml bottle of enhancer and 25 coloured hook baits.

My verdict: just launched, this pack of baits looks useful for Method feeder fishing, though I have not yet managed to lay my hands on a pack.

Just add water and 50 ml of the enhancer to the mix, shake the tub, as per the instructions, and 20 minutes later it’s ready to load into a Method feeder mould.

One of the hook baits can then be hair-rigged or banded to a hook before compressing it onto your Method feeder.

The hook baits come in different colours and sizes, allowing you to ring the changes until you discover what the fish are prepared to take.