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Armex Tron Crossbow

Armex Tron Crossbow

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The lastest addition to Armex's range of pistol crossbow, and the most powerful by a long way. It features a tactical foregrip to help keep things steady and a 3 position folding foot stirrup unlike most pistol crossbows, this aids in the cocking of the bow.

This is the only pistol crossbow we sell that comes pre-strung so constructing is much easier than normal.  INSTORE SALES ONLY

Features and Specifications:

  • 13.5" Bow Length
  • 1.4lb Weight
  • 6" Power Stroke
  • 80lb Draw Weight
  • Dry Fire Protection
  • Auto-Safety catch
  • Adjustable Sights
  • Tactical Grip.
  • Fires bolts at 235 Feet Per Second

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