Crosman ratcatcher 2250 xl

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Crosman Ratcatcher Co2 .22 Air Rifle Pistol A Superb close range Pest Control pistol. Metal breech block 18” Barrel Includes a 4x32 Center Point scope. Full size high power with longer 18 inch barrel Co2 gun. The Rat Catcher air rifle pistol features an improved bolt design for easier cocking and loading and hammer strike piercing for convenient Co2 power. The Ratcatcher is powered using 1 x 12g gas capsule. Approx 30 shots from one Co2 cylinder. Range estimated 400 metres accurate range estimated 35 metres. Crosman RatCatcher Features Single shot pellet Bolt action cocking ABS stock & forehand Weight 3.6lbs Manual safety Fully rifled steel barrel In store Sales Only ID required