Crosman Trumark folding Slingshot

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Trumarks FS-1 slingshot wrist rocket folds to a compact size. This slingshot is the only folding slingshot made with an ammo storage chamber inside the handle. The wrist-brace can be easily removed from the handle and reinstalled later. Although removing the wrist brace turns the FS-1 into a non wrist braced slingshot you can still store items in the handle. The handle can store ammo, matches, small knives, or repair kits. It's unique bottom valve flips open to dispense 5/16", 3/8" or 1/2" ammo. The hollow handle also keeps the slingshot floating if accidently dropped in the water. Unlike all other solid core handle folding slingshots sold today with handles molded in two pieces Trumarks handles do not use glue, rivets, or screws to hold them together. They are molded in one complete piece. The wide aluminum forks with a 4 1/2" spread between the prongs increase powerband life. The light non rust aircraft aluminum frame and compact size make the FS-1 sling shot a favorite survival aid for campers, hunters, and backpackers. Powered by matched pull latex RR-1 powerbands with a split-chrome leather pouch.