Greys GR75S 13FT 3" Surf/Rock Rod 5-7OZ

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Greys GR75S 13ft 3" Beach/Rock Rod 5-7oz We have been waiting for this range of Greys rods to come out for far too long. The blanks are made with a revolutionary technique called Toreon which makes the rods lighter, more responsive and power powerful. So how does it work? TOREON® composite engineering provides a uniform dispersion of nano particles throughout the resin that binds the carbon fibres together. This results in a stronger and lighter material but in no way restricts the action that can be achieved. Working alongside their team of angling consultants, Greys composite engineers have developed what they believe to be the best fishing rods on the market. The brute of the range. This is designed for rock and kept marks but performs superbly in big tides for the bigger species including Tope, Hounds, Conger & Rays Features - Length 13ft 3" Casts 5-7oz