Greys Prowla 360 Paternoster Boom

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The Prowla 360 Rotary Paternoster Boom is simply a revolution in predator fishing! It allows you to fish natural baits minimizing those annoying tangles that so often occur when fishing paternoster rigs. Remove the packaging and pull the 100lb test uptrace mono through the vertical boom so the bottom swivel sits inside the rubber sleeve. Attach a weak nylon lead link to this swivel and your main line to the top after threading on your float. Used with a Prowla Suspenda Sub Float fixed to the top swivel of the uptrace mono, the rig can be fished at any depth by adjusting the length of the weak nylon lead link. Alternatively it can be used with a standard style Prowla Bait Slider with the fishing depth being set by using a sliding stop knot and bead. Attach a Prowla Supa Paternoster trace to the boom arm swivel, which is moulded inside and along the full length of the arm and around the 360 rotary head for extra sure fish-safe security. Free rotating 360 boom arm Allows total movement of baits Fish-safe insert moulded boom arm swivel Comes tied on an 80cm uptrace To be used with Prowla Supa Paternoster Trace Injection moulded with insert steel arm swivel Vertical height 175mm with 2mm diameter tubing Boom arm 90mm 100lb mono uptrace (80cm) Steel crimps Prowla Round/Diamond Eye swivel