Greys Prowla Fledger Boom

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Keep dead and live-baiting rigs tangle-free with the Prowla Fledger and Boom. Stiff bait-boom prevents bait-tangle with main line while the buoyant fledger-stem carries the lead and holds main line clear of bottom debris. Attach a lead onto the stem and then thread your main line through the plastic ring at top of the Fledger. Thread your line through the boom, tie on a Prowla Supa Snap Tackle trace, and pull the trace swivel into the boom's rubber tube. This rig can be used in still or running water, with live or dead baits, and is perfect for targeting cautious or pressured fish. Free-run, Anti-Tangle, weed free system EVA foam and carbon float-ledger stem Insert moulded T-Snap swivel Free-run large diameter Fledger swivel Weighted boom with push-fit trace tub Technical Specification Fledger stem 129mm Boom 279mm Boom weight 3.5gr approx