New Shakespeare Beach seat Box

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After many years of running with the same design making this one of the longest selling products in the tackle trade, we found ourselves with the opportunity to review the design of the old seat box and add in some much needed improvements, whilst retaining the essence of this legendary product. What Has Been Retained? Material: The material is the base of what made the original Shakespeare Seat Box a winning product and this new box is made with a similar High Quality Durable Filled-Polypropylene so keeping the strength that angler looked for in this type of box. Rugged Design: The basic design has been retained where anglers wanted an adaptable and potentially high capacity box which would enable them to use and adapt it to the way they wanted. The new box has Improved Features which enhance the original design and yet will allow this new box to be adapted further than the original. Value: The box was great value and starts from a base price of only £49.99, however it DOES Include a tray and strap for this price. Also, the angler can have a ‘Fully Loaded’ Version with additional extras and make a saving rather than buy in the included extras separately.