Railblaza Stow pod storage bin

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What do scissors, keys, bait, cell phones, radios, binoculars, drinks bottles, sunscreen, cups and mugs have in common? The Railblaza Stowpod storage container will keep them all safe and secure.

If you need storage space on a pushpit, base, inflatable tube, rail, console, rail or any other surface - the Stowpod storage container is the suitable solution almost everywhere. This unique design features a moveable partition that can turn one end into a cup holder or keep the entire container open for larger items.

  • holds scissors, keys, bait, cell phones, radios, binoculars, drink bottles, sunscreen, cups, mugs and more...
  • movable partition for cup holders
  • fits into any vertical and horizontal Starport or can be permanently attached in one place
  • can be attached to railings or inflatable boats using other Railblaza components
  • available in black and white
  • Easily removable and stowable when not in use or elsewhere

RAILBLAZA part number:
02-4040-11 StowPod storage bin ( black)