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Shimano Hyperloop 2500RB-Billy's Fishing Tackle

Shimano Hyperloop 2500RB

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There is only so much you can do with a fantastic selling Shimano reel at this pricepoint. Within Shimano we are therefore proud and happy that we managed to equip the Hyperloop FB with the AR-C spool. 

This mean more comfort & less effort resulting in greater fishing pleasure for the novice anglers. 

The Hyperloop further features classical styling along with high-tech features such as Super Stopper and Varispeed line lay. 

By turning the handle you can immediately appreciate the quality of the gears, and vibration is almost eliminated by Shimano’s Dyna Balance system. 

The Hyperloop also incorporates a Power Roller that keeps line twist to a minimum. 

Whereas the smaller models in this series are designed for all types of fishing such as spinning, float, feeder, or any other light to medium heavy styles, the large 6000 size is an ideal model for heavy duty spinning, bottom fishing or light surf casting.