Asso Tapered shock leader RED

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Asso Tapered Shock leaders come in a good variety of colours (Solid Orange, Fluro Yellow, Red and Clear) and also breaking strain variations. The high quality Copolymer materials give the leader excellent knot strength which us essential when using a tapered leader and tying two small diameter lines together, and also at the business end where the rig is attached. I opted to try out the 15-50lb tapered leader (which matches my main line) and gives me 50lb shock leader (enough to safely throw a 4-5oz rig with a big bait). The spool contains 5 x 15m leaders, which for my own purposes are a bit too long, but give me the option to use a longer leader for high rock marks or piers. On most occasions I would only use approx 11 metres, leaving a bit spare for making rigs (bonus).