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There’s no better way to get the little ones hooked on fishing than to give them their very own colourful and functional rod and reel outfits. The Jarvis Walker Tadpole Combos are specifically designed as entry-level fishing combos for kids aged between 3 and 6 years. The combos are lightweight, easy to handle, and the bright colours are sure to grab their attention.

The Jarvis Walker Tadpole Combos 4 foot, two-piece rods are easy for the kids to cast and the 1-3kg line class makes the rods perfect for common estuary and freshwater species such as bream, whiting, flathead, and trout.

The Tadpole Combos come pre-spooled with fishing line and they even include a casting plug so that the little ones can safely practice casting at home  Only Fixed spool version in stock