Tronixpro Bait Knife With Sheath

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Bait knives are a must-have on your next fishing trip, and are perfect for preparing your bait before casting the rod. This Bait Knife with Sheath is simple, compact, practical and efficient - everything you are looking for in a knife. The blade is made from high quality stainless steel, which ensures efficient filleting with great precision. This blade is also highly durable, won’t corrode and will last you many years to come. The grip handle has been carefully designed to ensure maximum comfort. The knife also includes a moulded sheath, which will protect the blade and make for easy storage. This Bait Knife with Sheath gives you a range of options, as you can use the most appropriate bait and the appropriate quantity, depending on the circumstances, conditions and your surroundings. In order to ensure the best results, you need to be well equipped with practical items such as this one. High quality stainless steel blade Moulded sheath for knife protection Comfortable grip handle  INSTORE SALES ONLY