Daiwa Shorecast 6000A

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The Daiwa shorecast 6000A could be one of the best sea fishing reels for many years and offers incredible value for money. The shorecast 6000A is fitted with a large tapered spool which not only holds a good amount of line it also helps to give a great casting range, the taper makes sure the line comes off the reel smooth and fast which reduces any risk of birds nest tangles. The Daiwa shorecast 6000A is made from durable graphite body and rotor, this means the reel is both lightweight and rigid which is exactly what you need from a long range casting reel. Graphite is also naturally corrosion resistant which is one of the major problems faced by sea anglers.

Daiwa Shorecast 6000A Key Features

  • Graphite body
  • Graphite rotor
  • Aluminum Spool
  • Twistbuster
  • Infinite Anti-Reverse
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