E-Sox Dropshot Fluorocarbon

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E-Sox Dropshot Fluorocarbon makes an ideal leader material. It is supple enough to ensure a lure behaves nat­ur­ally, yet stiff enough to avoid tangles.
As it is made from 100% fluoro­carbon it has a very sim­ilar refractive index to water, making it almost invis­ible and there­fore much harder for a fish to detect. Dropshot Fluorocarbon Leader has excep­tional abra­sion res­ist­ance and high knot strength for its given dia­meter. It also works well with braided reel lines. Four breaking strains are avail­able, each on handy 50m spools:

  • 6lb (2.7kg) 0.24mm
  • 8lb (3.6kg) 0.26mm
  • 10lb (4.5kg) 0.29mm
  • 12lb 5.5kg 0.31mm