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Gemini System 100+ Assembly Kit Standard Grips Long Tail

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This Gemini system 100 is the complete DIY assembly for use in conjunction with the System 100+ breakout sinker mould. This assembly kit comprises ten long tail wires, 40 standard breakout grips, 10 Red breakout heads and Red PVC. This kit contains enough components (excluding lead) to make 10 Gemini System 100+ Breakout sinkers. We recommend this assembly kit be used to prepare 170g (6oz) sinkers. However, you can make different sized weights with the kit. Gemini Tackle Ltd has been designing and producing high-quality terminal tackle here in the United Kingdom since 1990 when Tony and Lyn Caton founded the company. Over the years Gemini has grown and is now recognised within the Sea Fishing community for its innovative and high-quality products.