Greys GX300 Fly Reel

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The Greys GX300 Fly Reel has been produced to perfection by Greys who produce some top quality fly fishing equipment and have done since the company first began and it is one of the most respected brands in the UK. The GX300 is the smallest reel in the current range of GX and is available in 5/6/7 and 6/7/8 sizes. This makes it the ideal reel for the UK’s most popular fly fishing waters. Greys products are always very well constructed and this GX300 is no different. Built from high-grade aluminium, the GX300 offers rigidity and durability in a lightweight package. The Greys GX300 Fly Reel boasts a narrow width large arbour ported design, ensuring that it is compact and practical whilst still offering all the benefits of a large arbour reel. Twin Rulon disc drag ensures that this reel is silky smooth to use.

Greys GX300 Features

  • Narrow width, large arbour design for fast, level retrieve.
  • Ported arbour design to reduce weight
  • Tri-grip handle design
  • Captive spool release mechanism
  • Counter balanced spool
  • Additional spools available
  • Not recommended for saltwater use

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