Ian Golds Double Head, Cups or Pair For Rod Stands

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Ian Golds Double Head
The Ian Golds Double Head is a spare head for the double sized version of Ian Golds tripods.

This additional head makes the ideal spare or replacement and can be used to fit most other tripods.

It has tough moulded plastic head design that is angled so that you can fish the heads both ways to stop strong tides pulling the rod from the rest.

The Ian Golds Double Head can be revolved to lay parallel with rest during transit or storage

Ian Golds Double Bottom Cups
The Ian Golds Double Cups

It allows cups to be moved up and down the V-shaped leg on the tripod to allow tips to be fished high out of the breaking wave.

The cups best fit the Super-Match and Monopod range as well as traditional tripods. It allows the rod to be held higher on rod rest and lays parallel when not in use.