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Ian Golds Finger Stall

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The  is a finger protector for fixed spool casters.

It is fully designed and tested by the 19 time England International Ian Golds who is translating all of his knowledge into a range of gear to help fellow anglers follow in his success.

It is constructed out of a neoprene material that sits comfortably on the skin while leaving the perfect amount of room for breathability and articulation. The tip is made out of a special friction material that offers improved casting and control while preventing the line from cutting into your finger.

There is a Velcro fold back feature so that it can be moved out of the way to regain access to your index finger without having to completely remove the stall.

The Ian Golds Finger Stall is navy blue in colour and is available in a one size fits most design.

Finger protector for fixed spool casters
Designed by England international, Ian Golds
Made from neoprene material
Special 'friction' finger-tip
Prevents the line cutting into your finger
Velcro fold back feature
One size fits most