Inova Elastic Bait Binder

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The Inova Bait Binder set will dispense bait elastic efficiently and easily. The dispenser is easy to use and allows you to effectively wrap and secure baits with just the right amount of elastic.

The dispenser only dispenses the amount of elastic you need and stops waste by eliminating excess elastic falling off the spool. The plastic casing also keeps the elastic dry and safe from bait juices, which will rot the elastic.

The dispenser comes supplied with three different 100m spools of bait elastic - a light elastic (orange) for smaller, more delicate baits, a medium (green) for general bait ups and a heavy (blue) for bigger, cocktail baits.

The dispenser is also supplied with a lanyard to keep you from loosing it but is also a bright orange colour so it's easy to find if you do misplace it. The top half of the dispenser is clear so you can easily see how much elastic you have left.

The Inova Bait Binder set is supplied with three grades of elastic.