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Jarvis Walker Crusader Spin Reel 8000

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The Jarvis  Walker Crusader Spin Reel is a fantastic choice for those sea anglers looking to get the most out of their fishing session as it is made with its lightweight and tough graphite body.

This reel goes unnoticed while you're spinning away with your favorite lure or bait. Featuring a one-ball-bearing system, a stainless steel main shaft and has a brass pinion gear, making it one smooth ride through water everywhere from shallow riversides up towards deep lakes where fish can be found hiding out among all sorts of underwater obstacles.

As an easy beginner's reel, it offers anglers mid- to large sizes in an affordable spin reel price. There is an easily reachable click drag knob that lets you easily adjust tension when needed and a soft-touch torpedo handle knob that gives you a great grip when battling the fish