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Korda Goo Almond power smoke, caramel cloud power smoke, Halibut Haze power smoke. Almond Bait Smoke Caramel bait smoke. Last year saw the initial release of six exciting flavours of Goo. With the Goo being a success I am happy to announce that another six additional flavours have been released. The six new flavours consist of three Power Smokes, Almond, Caramel Cloud and Halibut Haze. Along with three Bait Smokes, Strawberry Kick, Almond Supreme and Mystic Spice. The use of the additional flavours with the existing range can produce some devastating fish catching concoctions. Ali Hamidi is looked upon as a trendsetter amongst his fellow colleagues at Korda HQ, seemingly adapting and evolving flavour combinations on an almost hourly basis. He has something of a “biochemist” in him; we’re sure