Kyoto Atoz 6000A Spinning Reel

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Kyoto Atoz 6000A Spinning Reel KYAT6000

This high quality Atoz 6000A spinning reel from Kyoto offers strength and balance in a lightweight package. The lighter weight comes thanks to the body and rotor being made out of graphite. Strength and balance is also advanced by the solid aluminium double anodized spool and balanced, thick bail. This bail will be reliable with every use, so that your release of line is always effective and controlled.

The thin and compact gear box additionally ensures that the internal workings of this reel do not make it overly heavy or cumbersome, so that you can make your movements smoothly and easily. This blend of lightness and strength is what will make this reel an asset in many different angling situations.

The Kyoto Atoz 6000A Spinning Reel gives you ultra smooth performance as a result of the oversized multi-disc drag system. This means that you can moderate the pressure with ease when you are battling it out with your catch. Plus the bigger fish will be able to make a run whilst you are still in control, with the smooth drag system giving line without getting caught, jerking or jamming. In this way, you won't risk losing a fish with a broken line. The level of time and care that has gone into creating this spinning reel can also be seen in the exquisitely precision cut solid brass pinion gear. For your convenience, the 6000A spinning reel also has a right and left hand retrieve functionality.

  • Lightweight graphite body and rotor
  • Double anodised aluminium spool
  • Precision cut solid brass pinion gear
  • Oversized multi-disc drag system for smooth performance