Leeda Icon M20 Multiplier

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The Leeda Icon M20 multiplier reel is a very versatile sea fishing reel. Fantastic as a lure multiplier for sea anglers who like to tackle bass and pollack. Leeda has constructed this reel from saltwater resistant materials, to ensure the longevity of the Leeda Icon M20 multiplier. This is a robust and rigid reel that can withstand the harshest of work. It is fitted with three ball bearings, which not only improves the smooth drag feature on the reel but also goes some way to increase the reel’s already fantastic lifespan. Ledda has managed to pack in numerous technologies to ensure this reel performs to its maximum potential. These include level wind – a feature which ensures perfect line lay with each use, a powerful crank handle, designed to put into play every bit of its impressive 5.1:1 gear ratio. This ensures that you’re able to explore deep waters for huge fish with confidence. Leeda has constructed the spool from aluminium, so as much as this reel is a workhorse it is also lightweight. Designed to balance comfortably on Leeda’s range of Icon rods, this reel will sit happily on any saltwater or sea fishing rod.

Leeda Icon Features

  • Micro adjust star drag system
  • 3 bb construction
  • One piece aluminium spool
  • Heavy duty gears for maximum durability
  • Level wind system for perfect line lay
  • Power crank handle
  • Lightweight graphite frame
  • Braid and mono friendly
  • Gear ratio 5.1:1
  • Loaded with 30lb braid

Please contact us if you have any questions about the Leeda Icon M20 Multiplier