Leeda Profil Salmon Leader Tippet

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Leeda Profil Casts - Salmon, choose from three different breaking strains, these Profil Salmon Casts are 9ft long, knotless double tapered fly leaders. The loops of the casts are colour coded to quickly identify the point size. 
Leeda Profil Casts are regarded as some of the finest tapered tippets available to buy in the fly fishing world. Leeda Profil produce these tippets with a super strong stiff butt sections running through to a very fine and delicate point. These properties allow your fly to turnover smoothly when casting to create a much more precise and softer landing on the water surface which will result in more takes. 

Leeda Profil Casts - Salmon available in the following options: 
- Salmon-10lb 
- Salmon-13lb 
- Salmon-17lb