Leeda Saltwater 6000 Reel

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The Leeda Saltwater 6000 Reel is available in two different sizes, both sizes come preloaded with line, the 6000 sizes have a 15lb line on it and the 7000 has an 18lb line on it. these reels have a strong and lightweight graphite body, 3 ball bearings with a power handle and a smooth drag system. Features 3 ball bearings Supplied with nylon line Line roller and balanced rotor Graphite spool Lightweight graphite body.

Leeda Saltwater 6000 Features

  • Strong and lightweight graphite body.
  • Long cast graphite spool.
  • Precision line roller with a balanced rotor.
  • 3 ball bearing construction with power handle.
  • Smooth drag system.
  • Supplied with 15lb line.

please contact us if you have any questions about the Leeda Saltwater 6000