Mainline Match 100% Pure Ground Expander, 1kg

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100% Pure Ground Expander is made from 100% ground expander pellets. The grinding process releases quality fishmeals and oils from within the pellets, creating a groundbait mix infused with attraction! This rich mix is incredibly versatile, and makes a soft fluffy groundbait full of goodness and aromas appealing to all quality fish.

The team at Mainline Match have used Pure Ground Expander as a base for many winning recipes, combining it with different groundbaits in the range to give them more quantity and that extra pellet-based appeal without overfeeding fish. The fine texture of the mix makes it ideal for using as a paste too, which can be mixed carefully with water until your chosen consistency is achieved.

A powerful groundbait made from the finest pellets, abundant in goodness that fish simply can’t resist!