Middy Xtreme Mk2 M1 G Pulse 4m Margin Pole

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Middy Xtreme Mk2 M1 G Pulse 4m Pole Margin
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This is the MKII version of Middys incredibly popular Xtreme M1 pole, updated to have an improved action with even more stiffness and better balance too. Additionally, this MKII upgrade now features an S.I.C. puller slot on the second section. The M1 MKII is the perfect short super-strong 4m margin pole. It is constructed with G-Pulse Fighter-Carbon and is therefore light (weighing only 170g) and stiff, yet it possesses a massive world-strong 30 elastic rating. Its stronger than a beast and you really need to feel this pole to believe just how strong it is - it will handle margin monsters with ease. The M1 MKII is fully take-apart and breaks down into four sections, allowing total flexibility in the length-to-hand you to decide to fish at. It has an exceptional Slik-Slide finish to make shipping a dream. The butt section fits directly onto the fifth of the M2 or M3 models in this Xtreme MKII family - which means you could extend the length of the M1 if required, or use the M1 as a top-four kit on your M2 or M3 pole. This is also true if you want to fit this M1 MKII onto an original version M2 or M3, as this MKII range is built on the same mandrels as the original poles and thus backwards compatibility with all kits and sections is assured. This is great support from Middy for anyone who has an original M1, M2 or M3, as youll be able to use your existing top kits with the new MKII range, or keep your original version pole for backup spares if you wish. The M1 is probably the strongest of the three models with slightly greater wall thickness and is therefore an ideal choice for margin work. The price point is ridiculously low for such a high quality construction pole.
Slik-Slide finish
Butt fits the 5th section of the M2 and M3 poles
S.I.C. puller slot on the 2nd
30 strong G-Pulse Fighter-Carbon