New PikePro Uptrace For Paternoster Baits Live Bait Pike Fishing

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PikePro Uptrace for Paternoster Baits, Bite-offs are a constant worry that all pike anglers face, but fortunately there is an answer! Whilst most companies offer just a single uptrace, we at Pike Pro decided to think differently and have developed uptraces to cover 90% of all pike fishing situations. Now there is no need to compromise any more on your rig efficiency! Our Paternoster Uptrace has been specifically designed to produce a simple, no-tangle link above the hook trace. Utilising a heavy-duty paternoster swivel, which allows the hook trace to rotate freely without tangling, this trace eliminates much of the bulk of other similar designs. In the interests of pike safety, we urge all forward-thinking anglers to incorporate an uptrace in their rig. Product Usage, Tie the end of your uptrace to the end of your main line. Tie a length of weak link to the paternoster swivel on the base of the uptrace (we recommend using line no stronger than 8lb test). Tie your chosen weight, normally a minimum of 2oz, to the end of the weak link. Now simply clip your chosen hook trace to the paternoster swivel and you are ready to go!