Pike Pro Legered Bait Uptrace

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The Pike Pro Legered Bait Uptrace incorporates an Anti-tangle boom, Run Ring with lead clip and has been constructed from 40lb seven-strand wire.

Bite offs can occur when a pike picks up a bait and accidentally takes the mainline into its mouth when it moves off. Although these instances are very rare, they are more common when using float or paternoster rig setups, this is due to the mainline naturally sitting up high in the water. Pike Pro have created an uptrace that can be utilised in almost any ledgering rig and will help eliminate any possibilities of being bitten off.

The Pike Pro uptrace has an integrated anti-tangle boom, this eliminates the possibilities of your trace and deadbait coming into contact with your mainline during the cast. which vastly reduces the possibilities of the rig tangling in mid-air.

The run ring is designed to reduce any unwanted resistance on the rig that may cause a pike to reject a bait, the run ring comes with a lead clip for attaching a lead. This can be swapped for a mono weak link if you choose to fish a paternoster setup.

Ensure your deadbait trace is half the length of your uptrace, if your deadbait trace is longer than your uptrace, this gives the pike enough distance to come in contact with your mainline and defeats the purpose of the uptrace, especially when integrated into paternoster rigs.

To fish with the Pike Pro Uptrace simply clip your chosen lead to the run ring and slide this onto the uptrace.

Connect the uptrace to your mainline by tying the mainline to the swivel of the uptrace and then clip your chosen hook trace to the end of the uptrace via the fast attach clip.

Incorporates Pike Pro’s Anti-tangle Boom and Run Ring
Constructed from 40lb seven-strand wire
Designed to stop bite offs when using paternoster or float rig setups.
The design ensures maximum strength and will reduce tangles as well as eliminating damage to the hook trace
1 uptrace provided per pack