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 Pike Pro Twiddlin Stick is designed for anglers who wish to twist their wire traces as opposed to crimping.

This tool makes twisting wire traces quick and easy. Simply form a 4cm loop in the end of the wire and pass through the eye of your hook or swivel. Then pass the hook or swivel through the loop and pull down evenly to lock the wire in place.

Bend the tail end of the wire away from the main trace and put the hook of the Twiddlin’ Stick through the eye of the swivel or hook. Then twist slowly ensuring the tag end forms neat tight turns around the trace wire. Keep twiddling until all of the tag end is used up.

The hook is made from stainless steel for durability and makes perfect wire twists every time.

The Pike Pro Twiddlin Stick has a large diameter extra comfort handle and it is bright orange in colour to easily see in your bag.

Easy and quick to use
Good for when you want to twist wire traces
Hook made from stainless steel
Large diameter comfort handle
1 tool provided per pack