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Treble hooks are the basic starting point for predator anglers when they look at the sharp end of their rigs. Some anglers are moving towards single hooks for their bait fishing, but with the majority still wanting and using trebles, Pike Pro have scoured whats available and bought some crackers to the table. The Pike Pro treble hooks are of the de facto standard semi-barbed type, which for the uninitiated means that two of the three points are barbless with the remaining single barbed point used for securing the bait on the cast and when in the water. Just like normal single hooks, there are different bend types available to the angler, but Pike Pro have decided on a round bend pattern. A round bend offers a slightly wider gape than a crystal bend treble which means that the exposed barbless points are a little further away from the bait than a crystal bend style would be. This gives better hooking potential in my opinion in the bony mouth of the pike. The eye of the treble hooks is also slightly more rounded than other hooks I have used which allows for easy movement if you crimp your traces and not use rig sleeves. For those that like to twist their traces or use hook sleeves, the eye allows for neat and easy trace construction. The points of the trebles are razor sharp and are amongst the sharpest trebles I have seen straight out of the packet. The Pike Pro treble hooks are available in sizes 4, 6 & 8 and are supplied in packs of 20 hooks at a RRP of £4.99.