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Preston Innovations GPM-B HOOKS - EYED

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The GPM-B Eyed is an all round wide gape hook pattern that is perfect for a wide array of commercial fishing situations.

They feature a PTFE coating which improves the hooks durability and sharpness. This dull PTFE coating also decreases the hooks visibility and reduces the chance of fishing being spooked by shiny hooks.

The GPM-B Eyed hooks feature a medium wire gauge which gives you increased confidence when playing fish.

The GPM-B Eyed Hooks are purposely designed for pole and feeder fishing. Especially when fishing shallow on the pole, or waggler.

They're ideal for baits like pellets, casters, worms, pretty much any bait that you would need to use on a commercial fishery.

Available in sizes; 12 right through to 18, covering an extensive range of fishing situations. So, whether you're targeting match sized carp, or small F1's the GPM-B Eyed has you covered.