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Razor Claw Silver Blade Wedge Lure 14g

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The wedge shape of this lure means that it is great to cast, and yet retains an excellent action as it is retrieved through the water, tempting all manner of predatory fish into attacking. The smaller sizes are ideal for fishing for smaller species such as mackerel from piers and harbours with light spinning rods. In the larger sizes these lures can be cast considerable distances and are capable of catching species such as bass, coalfish, pollock and sea trout. These larger sizes are also useful when casting into a head wind, fishing in strong tides or when fishing in situations where a lure needs to sink down to greater depths quickly.

These lures are brilliant chrome silver in colour and a luminous eye detail for added attraction. Coming complete with a treble hook and swivel attached with quality split rings these lures are ready to use straight out of the packet.