Ringers Next Generation Expanders

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Ringers Expanders  4mm or 6mm

- Versatile, very high quality pellets
- Various diameters available
- Contents: 500g
- Made from the best fishmeal available on the market today
- Suitable both as hookbait and bait
- Do not fall apart, even after being soaked for more than a day
- Easy to put on the hook
- A real killer on commercial waters with a soft bottom
- Weightless after soaking, making it float perfectly on the bottom
- Professional whitefish fisher Steve Ringer has proven countless times that he can make a difference with innovative baits like these!


The Ringers Expanders are one of the most complete pellets imaginable, made from the finest fish meal available on the market today. In the pack the pellets are dry and hard, but after soaking they soften, where they still remain very firm in structure and therefore act as ideal hook baits. Ideal for (commercial) waters with a soft bottom, as the weightless, soaked pellets stay perfectly on top of the mud!