Rovex Revenge 6000 Reel

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The 6000 Rovex Revenge Reels are amazing looking spin reels built to handle the rigors of the toughest forms of our sport, the beach the boat and the rocks. The revenge is a class of reel that will suit the novice or intermediate angler looking for a fishing reel that offers a whole lot more than your average entry level spin reel, but for a similar price. The Revenge is feature packed, built to last and chock full of performance.

Once you hit the 6000 size spin reel you are hunting a much bigger class of fish. You are using bigger lures, live baits and whole dead baits such as big fresh squid.

     Revenge reels feature:
  • a five ball bearing system plus an anti-reverse bearing
  • a graphite body and rotor to keep weight to a minimum
  • machined alloy handle finished with a big soft-touch grip for control and comfort
  • machined aluminium long cast spool for extra distance
  • durable stainless steel main shaft
  • thick tubular bail wire
  • line roller designed to minimise line twist