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SAvage Gear Hop Popper Frog Lure

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If you’re searching for the ultimate hollow belly popping frog, look no further than the Savage Gear Hop Popper Frog. Designed to walk effortlessly in place, the Savage Gear Hop Popper Frog features a wide mouth that generates a spitting and bubbling presentation with the slightest twitch of the rod tip.

A frog that walks in place effortlessly or pops through cover. Whether it is grass matts, lilly pads or shady pockets, the Hop Popper is ready to retrieve giants from their cover.

  • Premium Hand Painted Details
  • Heavy Duty Wide Gap Frog Hook
  • Upward Pointing Hookpoint For Increased Hookup Ratio
  • Effortless Walking and Popping Action
  • Premium Rubber Skirt