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Savage Gear Squid Trolling 3D Squid

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The 3D Swim Squid from Savage Gear is a new artificial based on a 3D scan of a real Squid, with superb details and a super realistic profile! The bait swims and looks just like a real squid and will trick even the most wary predatory fish into attacking it. The Swin Squid 3D, can be used in many ways, launch and retrieve, slow jigging or trolling! The unique 2 part design allows the angler to add scent or squid meat inside or change the hooks as needed. The fins of the body pulsate and the tentacles vibrate as the bait moves making this bait the perfect imitation of the squid.

3D scan details
Two-part design for multiple rigging options
Ultra lively action
TPE material: super resistant


Length 260 cm - 10 "

Weight 250gr
 hook  8/0