Shakespeare directors Chair

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The Directors Fishing Chair is comfortable, stylish, strong, lightweight and practical. The Fishing Chair has everything you need for a long day on the beach or bank. Fishing Chair > Versatile multipurpose chair > Mobile phone pockets > Drinks holder > Organiser sleeve > Pen, float, tool store > Finished in 600D green and tan nylon This fishing chair has some good features: Panniers - The real selling point of the chair is that it features a series of pockets either side. They are tethered so that they are firm and you can root about in them looking for that hook or lead rather than have to go to tour fishing box. There is even a handy pocket for your phone... an essential requisite these days, not just to stay in touch but to photograph that rod bender 'for the record'. It also means that you are not forever getting up to fetch the small items that you are bound to need. There is also a handy drinks holder. All of which means less disturbance on the bank, a real must if you are fishing up close and staying below the fish's eyeline. Sturdy Feet - many chairs either have feet that will sink into the mud of a riverbank or are formed as a bar making them harder to move when you need to and altogether less stable.