Sonik Ultrasonik Snood 100m

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Sonik Ultrasonik Snood 100m




Ultrasonik Snood Mono is the ideal compliment to Ultrasonik Saltwater Monofilament. Being memory free it offers a tangle-free presentation and high knot strength even when wet. Ultrasonik Snood Mono stays perfectly straight after stretching and being clear in colour is ideal for both the shore and boat angler.


  • 100m wrist spool
  • Low stretch
  • High knot strength
  • Rig and leader material
  • Memory free
  • Clear


RS0011 ULTRASONIK Snood 0.40mm 15lb 100m Clear
RS0012 ULTRASONIK Snood 0.45mm 20lb 100m Clear
RS0013 ULTRASONIK Snood 0.50mm 25lb 100m Clear
RS0014 ULTRASONIK Snood 0.55mm 30lb 100m Clear