Tsunami Tazer Shad Soft Plastic Lures

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The new Tsunami Tazer range is the latest in pre-rigged plastic lures. They have a medium-profile and a tail shape that gives you a life-like swimming action. Tsunami Tazers can be fished using various speeds. They are also suitable to cover every inch of river or reef. The internal pre-rigged weight is designed to give the optimum action for the Tazer body shape, so fishing a Tazer is as easy as ‘tie one on and start casting’. Six colours are available in the standard range in six-inch lures. Or, for those anglers wanting more of an advantage, the Cut Throat Tazers have all the features of regular Tazers, but in four classic colour patterns with a blazing 'Cut Throat' red flash under the throat, to mimic an injured bleeding fish. That really drives the big fish wild!